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Mengenal Ransum Tentara di Beberapa Negara

Tentara itu kan pekerjaan keluar masuk medan yang berat gan.Tentunya aktivitas ini membutuhkan nutrisi yang cukup, namun dalam kemasan yang ringkas. Nih, ada beberapa gambar mengenai ransum beberapa tentara di dunia.
Spoiler for :
Several just-add-water sachets of grapefruit and juice powder. Italian biscotti. Liver sausage spread. Rye Bread. Goulash with potatoes. Sour cherry and apricot jams for breakfast.

Spoiler for :
Cans of green beans and ham. Squid in vegetable oil. Pate. Sachet of powdered vegetable soup. Peach syrup and krackers handed out to replace dessert bread (not shown). Disposable heater with matches and fuel tabs. Vitamin C, glucose, water purification and rehydration tablets

itu bungkusnya kek kond*m gan
Spoiler for :
Almond poppy seed pound cake. Cranberries. Non-alcoholic apple cider. Peanut butter and krackers. Pasta with vegetable crumbles in spicy tomato sauce. Just-add-water powder to heat up plastic meal pouch
Amrik gan
Spoiler for :
Bear Paws (win). Salmon fillet with Tuscan sauce or vegetarian couscous. Peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich
Spoiler for : />Deer pâté. Cassoulet with duck confit. Creole-style pork. Crème chocolate pudding. Coffee and flavored drink powded. Muesli. Dupont d’Isigny caramel. Disposable heater
kek beli di indomar*t gan, merk nya beda beda
Spoiler for :
A breakfast shot of 40% alcohol cordiale (aka breakfast of champions). Powdered cappuccino. Biscotti. Pasta. Bean soup. Canned turkey. Rice salad. Power sport bar. Canned fruit salad. Muesli chocolate bar. Disposable camping stove
Spoiler for :
Kenco coffee. Mini bottle of Tabasco. Chicken tikka masala. Vegetarian pasta. Pork and beans. Trail mix. Apple “fruit pocket” snacks. Packets of Polos. Teabags
keknya enak deh gan ransumnya uk army ini
Spoiler for :
Stuffed peppers. Chicken-meat pâté. Smoked sprats. Liver sausage with potatoes. Crispbreads. Halva with vanilla. Muesli. Fruit pocket. Honey
Estonia punya keknya maknyus juga deh gan
Spoiler for :
Earl Grey Tea. Mini bottle of Tabasco sauce. Beans and bacon in tomato sauce. Golden oatie biscuit. Rowntree’s Tooty Frooties. Flameless heater
punya Denmark
Spoiler for :
Singapur gan, ada ind*mie nya juga
ada bisk*at ama nesc*fe juga
Spoiler for :
Vegemite. Jam sandwich biscuits. Tube of sweetened condensed milk. Fonterra processed cheddar cheese. Meatballs and chili tuna pasta. Curious-looking bars labeled “chocolate ration.”

Also, ”can-opener-cum-spoon,” aka FRED for “Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device.”
Australia punya lebih armylook gitu
Spoiler for :

kalo yang ini punya china gan

sumur 1
sumur 2

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