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Karya Seni dari Kepala Ikan yang Unik nan Aneh

Quote:Paris-born artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard, uses market-fresh fish to create her wacky scenes. After she is done photographing, she cooks and eats them.

“It is the perfect recycling of art. Nothing is left over - and I can live from it,” she said. No wonder, her family and friends thinks she is crazy.

Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard first builds props and an intricate set at her flat in Berlin, Germany, taking up to three months to complete each one. When this is ready she buys her fish from a local fishmonger, keeps the head while the rest of the body is passed straight to the kitchen.

Since 1997, the artist has created dozens of the quirky artworks, some of which measure up to 2m long. Her scenes depicts surgeries, factories and TV interviews.

From early childhood, the little girl had no interest for dolls. Instead, she played with animals, either living or dead. She had rats that she kept as pets, disguising them with the doll clothes that her mother made for her, and took them everywhere. She discovered the world of fish during her apprenticeship of fishing by the side of Normandy fishermen. After that, she started using fish to make her dolls.

About her work, Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard said:

"I buy my fish from Halles de Rungis, at the Reynaud’s or in the market near my home. On arriving at my studio, I wash the fishes, scale them, and eviscerate them. Then I keep the heads, and their body, pass to the pan. Take the fishes in my factories for an example, they are in uniforms. They are asexual and give a global message. That is neither the condition of women nor the condition of men. That is man, the human being, in general. The factories represent a state conform to the man, to the common citizen as there is so much work in the production line, ‘the modern times’. The dehumanization. We are victims of our own evolution or of our own revolution. We are the suffering conformists. In my photography, I do not try to present the good nor the bad. It’s never simply funny, laborious, happy, tender or hard. There is always much tragic, sadness or sorrow in the comedy. That is what touches me. That is what I try to translate."

yuk ahh gan kita liat hasil karya seni dari tante cantik dibawah ini

Quote:Spoilerfor asdscsdvcdsfvdsfvdsfv:
si tante lagi bikin salah satu karyanya nih

Quote:lucu-lucu yee gan
kreatifitas emang gak ada matinya, apa aja bisa dijadiin seni

Quote:komeng warga sekitarQuote:Original Posted By hazleb â–º
cari masalah tu ikan

Quote:Original Posted By SurgaDunia â–º
mangstabbb banget dahhh .kreatif tingkat Dewa ini mahhh

Quote:Original Posted By search.id â–º
itu yg jadi dokter keren bgt

Quote:Original Posted By joyboyx â–º
ane bantu gan

Quote:Original Posted By Muntoha007 â–º
kreatip amir doi gan,
trus tingkatkan karya ente gan

Quote:Original Posted By manthewild â–º
keren gan

kreatif banget idenya
daripada dijadiin sampah

Quote:Original Posted By beseck â–º

awas ada kucing gan....

Quote:Original Posted By tyozzz â–º
keren bnget gan karya nya. pasti terkenal ya dia

Quote:Original Posted By dantobx â–º
Keren banget karyanya

Quote:Original Posted By panglikum â–º
lucu-lucu banget gan,,,kreatif ni yang bikin

Quote:Original Posted By biiibooo â–º
hampir semua ikannya mangap...emang gitu yah,,,lucuu n kreatif tapinya itu....


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