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Cara Bersiul dengan Bantuan Jari

Gan ente pernah liat kan orang-orang yang bersiul pke bantuan jari, siulannya keras banget, biasanya ada di pertandingan bola trus sama ada juga di film2
nah ane penasaran banget gmana caranya? trus ane googling n dapat tutorial+videonya, nih ane bagi tutorialnya
Spoiler for buka
1. Choose Your Finger Combination

Your fingers do two things that allow you to create an ear-piercingly loud whistle. First, they keep your tongue pushed back, and second, they keep your lips tucked back over your teeth. The pushed back tongue and tucked lips will create a bevel which will produce a tone when you blow.

There are a myriad of finger combinations you can use to get the desired effect. I’m going to show you my two favorites.

2. Two-Handed, Middle/Index Finger Combo

Extend your middle and index fingers on both hands, keeping them close together, while your thumbs hold down your ring and pinky fingers.
Gambar 1

Place your two middle fingers together, forming an “A” shape.

I feel like I get a louder and more forceful whistle using this finger combo.

3. Wet and Tuck Your Lips Back Over Your Teeth

Gambar 2

Lip placement is key. Give your lips a quick lick to wet your whistle. Tuck your lips back over your teeth. It’s what you do when you pretend you’re an old man without any teeth. Your lips need to cover your teeth in order to whistle successfully. [See Fig 2.] Feel free to adjust how much or little you tuck your lips back. It’sgoing to vary from person to person.

Your fingers will help keep your bottom lip tucked over your teeth.

4. Push Tongue Back Into Mouth With Fingers

Gambar 3

This step is master key of successfully whistling with your fingers and also the trickiest to get right. It was for me at least.

Some people say you just need to push your tongue back in your mouth with your fingers. That advice was a bit too vague for me.

What worked for me was folding the tip of my tongue back on itself and holding it in place with my fingers, Here’s how to do it with the two-handed, middle/index finger combo.

  • Place the tip of your fingers underneath your tongue right at the tip.
  • Push the tip of your tongue back with your fingers. You’re basically folding the first 1/4 of your tongue back on itself.
  • Push your tongue back into your mouth until your first knuckle reaches your bottom lips.

Same principles apply if you’re using the one-handed, O.K. sign combo.

Again, this method worked for me. Others do it a little differentlyâ€"often pushing the tongue in without really folding it over. Experiment to find what works for you.

5. Blow

Gambar 4

With your fingers in your mouth, keeping the tip of your tongue folded and lips tucked back over your teeth, close your mouth around your fingers. You want to make sure you have a complete seal around your fingers.

Give a soft blow out your mouth. You should feel the air only go out over your bottom lip. If you feel air coming out the sides of your mouth, close your mouth tighter around your fingers. Remember, perfect seal.

Make sure you don’t see your tongue make an appearance in the hole between your fingers! It’s blocking the air from coming out.

Tutornya bahasa inggris gan, ane bantu bkin ksimpulannya ya


1. Pilih kombinasi jari (maksudnya mau pke jari yg gmana, mau jari bentuk ok, pke jari tengah doang, jari tengah sama telunjuk dll. di tutorialnya pke jari telunjuk sama jari tengah)
2. Bikin bentuk huruf "A" pake jari tengah sama jari telunjuk dengan kedua tangan (lihat gambar 1)
3. Tarik bibir ke belakang sehingga menutupi gigi agan (lihat gambar 2)
4. Tekan/lipat lidah ke dalam pke jari yang dibentuk huruf "A" tadi (lihat gambar 3)
5. Tiup (lihat gambar 4)

Masih belum jelas gan? nih liat videonya



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